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This watch receives a radio signal every night at 2:00am which it uses to synchronise with internationally agreed time standards.

Under most normal conditions this process should occur automatically, however in exceptional circumstances such as in basements or metal or concreteclad buildings the watch may fail to get an adequate signal.

If the watch is showing the time incorrectly check the reading in the digital window.

The digital window can show. two displays: The exposed button at the 2 o’clock position toggles between the two.

…either the date and month e.g 14. 7 (14th July)

…or a display of seconds, then a small transmitter symbol and then a single number. .

This “single number” following the transmitter symbol indicates the number of days since the watch last received an uncorrupted radio signal.

If the number “0” is not displayed then try placing the watch in a south-facing window overnight to see if the watch will auto-correct.

If this fails to work then you must re-boot the watch as follows:

Rev. 0706


You can force a correction as follows:

Using a sharp implement such as a ball pen or toothpick for the “concealed” button depress both buttons on the watch case for at least 3 seconds. The digital display becomes blank (TIP: the concealed button at the 10’o’clock position is sometimes quite stiff and may require considerable pressure to activate for the first time)

By releasing both buttons the digital screen should read “P 0” You should then use the concealed button to jog or rotate the hands so that the both eventually point to 12 o’clock exactly. Then press the RH button to confirm this as the re-set point. The digital screen should then flash.

Position the watch preferably in a south facing window away from any metal objects and leave it there for 30 minutes. The watch should re-set itself to read Central European Time. (one hour later than UK)

To correct to UK time press the concealed button and jog the numbers in the digital window until the display reads the correct local hours ( eg 23 for any UK time between 11:00pm and midnight.) The hands will rotate until the correct UK time is displayed


Follow instructions from “P.0” above. Make sure the watch cell is installed correctly.(branded face outermost)

N.B. The watch will NOT synchronise if it is held in a metal filing cabinet or metal desk drawer!

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