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TRACK-TIME DW464 Digital Radio-synchronised watch - UK Version

Thank you for choosing this track-time digital watch which automatically synchronises with the UK Anthorn transmitter in Cumbria.


12 or 24 hour time display
To change between 12 hour and 24 hour time display press and hold "set" button for 3 seconds. Display flashes either 12h or 24h. To change from one to the other press "up" briefly and the display flashes showing the new mode. After 10 seconds the watch returns to normal timekeeping mode showing the chosen 12 or 24 hour display.

The watch automatically updates itself every night at 2:00am so that it will always be accurate.

Reception of a signal is symbolised by the blinking of the Antenna icon.† The bars facing the Antenna indicate the strength of the radio signal, no bar means there is a very weak or no signal received. One bar indicates a weak signal and 5 bars the strongest.† Use the radio signal strength indicators to find a location where the reception is strongest. If the watch is too close to electrical appliances such as TV, mobile phone and computer, they may cause undesirable signal interference. A strong signal is normally found close to the window. In some areas where the signal is poor you may need to position the watch in a window area and rotate the watch until the best signal strength is obtained.

Once you have found the optimal position leave the watch without moving it so that it can pick up good signals. It normally takes 3 to 10 minutes to synchronise. Once it is successful, the watch will show extremely accurate time and the correct date. Successful synchronisation is symbolised by the still antenna and the radiating beacon . A properly synchronised watch attempts to calibrate itself with the radio time signal every morning and if it fails for more than 3 days, the antenna icon disappears. 30 days failure to synchronise will shut off the synchronisation and the watch will function as an ordinary quartz watch until you activate forced synchronisation.

The watch is a radio device and like a mobile phone or radio, in certain locations and at certain time of the day, it may not be able to pick up a signal strong enough to synchronise. If the watch fails to synchronize at the first attempt, it will make a new attempt every 2 hours until 12:00 am. In most cases, the watch will synchronise at the first attempt during the night when the radio signal from Anthorn is at its strongest.

Back Light

Push the LIGHT button to illuminate the display. The light operates for 3 seconds and then automatically switches itself off.


This watch has several other functions which may be operated by using the concealed pressers, however all these functions consume more power and can lead to failure of the synchronisation or a mis -set time reading. Please only use these other functions with great caution to avoid failure of the primary function which is† ultra-accurate time display.

To read other data or to set† the watch

The watch normally displays continuously the time and calendar (day, month ). From this display successive pushes of the† MODE button will show data in this sequence:

Mode A = stopwatch display
Mode B = countdown display
Mode C = alarm 1
Mode D = alarm 2
Mode E = offset display.

After releasing the MODE button the display will return to normal a continuous display after 8 seconds when itís in mode C, D or E . However, if the SET button is pushed and held for 2 seconds in the normal display or any of above display modes B, C, D or E , the watch enters into the setting mode of the corresponding data when the values for the chosen mode can be set by pushing UP or DOWN button. The blinking digits or icons indicate the values to be adjusted.

Manual Setting (Not normally needed when in the UK please use with caution)

If necessary when you travel to a place not served by the Anthorn transmitter, the watch may be set manually.
Setting the time and calendar
In normal display mode (time and calendar display), press and hold SET to enter the time and calendar setting mode.
Stopwatch function (use with extreme caution)
Mode A. Note: The maximum time to measure is 23:59 :59:99 when the display rolls over to 00:00:00:00
If the watch is left running in stopwatch mode the watch will NOT activate the receiving signal for synchronisation.
Countdown function and alarms
Your watch has a build in countdown function 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds. While you are in Mode A, press the MODE button to enter Mode B
Setting the alarm 1
While you are in Mode B, press the MODE to enter Mode C: the alarm 1
Setting the alarm 2
While you are in Mode C, press the MODE to enter Mode D: the alarm 2
Setting the offset While you are in Mode D, press the MODE button to enter Mode E

Forced Synchronisation and halt Synchronisation (use with caution)

If you want the watch to attempt synchronisation in normal display mode you can force the watch to do so by pressing and holding the MODE button. This will activate synchronization. If the watch is in synchronisation mode then pressing and holding MODE button will halt the synchronisation.If you force the watch to synchronise the watch will attempt to synchronise regularly for 3 days. If all attempts fail, the receiver circuit is put to sleep mode to conserve power. The watch will function as a quartz watch until it is subsequently forced to attempt synchronisation again
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