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Instructions for Watch Model EWS33

This watch detects the UK MSF radio signal transmitted by the new transmitter in Anthorn, Cumbria. The watch incorporates a self-calibrating quartz movement which ensures super-accuracy even in difficult reception areas. The watch automatically searches for the signal at 1:00am and is fully self correcting so that it shows the correct time to within 1 second accuracy.


The watch is set to local UK time and should need no intervention from the user. Please avoid keeping your watch in a metal drawer or filing cabinet as this can prevent good reception of the coded radio signal. Similar problems may be encountered if the watch is kept in a basement, re-enforced concrete or metal clad building.

If your watch does not show the correct time then please place the watch near any window overnight and it will correct itself.

Your watch AUTOMATICALLY switches between GMT/BST/GMT

Each spring and autumn a special code is broadcast to change the time displayed on your watch to the new winter or summer time setting. This occurs automatically around 1:00 am on the appropriate day

Reception Check

If the watch is not showing the exact time as checked against the telephone speaking clock, or the radio pips as broadcast on ANALOGUE radio ( Please note that on  digital radio and television the time signal can be delayed by several seconds)

Then the following check can be performed.

Located on the watch case close to the 4:00 o’clock position there is a small indented actuator button. By using a sharp object such as a pencil or similar depress the button briefly then release it. The second hand will move quickly.

If it moves to the 12:00 position then the watch received and processed a calibrating signal within the last 24 hours.

If the second hand moves to the 6:00 position then no reception was possible during the last 24 hours. In this case place the watch near a window overnight.

Changing the Battery

The watch cell (CR1620 3V) has a life expectancy of around 3 years. Changing the watch cell must only be attempted in a clean and well lit environment. Remove the caseback carefully with a proper pry-tool. Use of a sharp knife is dangerous and can damage the “O” ring seal.

Remove the cell by unscrewing the retaining clamp taking care to prevent loss of the very small screw. Replace the cell with a good quality equivalent, taking care to maintain correct polarity (cell manufacturer and code details + side outermost)
Reassembly is the reverse of the above.

Zero-Point setting

For correct timekeeping the watch movement must be set to the 12:00 “zero-point” by depressing the small actuator button (see above) until all three hands are rotating quickly. Release the actuator and the hands will continue until they stop at the zero position which should be all hands at 12. If the watch does not show 12 for all hands,they can be stopped and jogged by use of the actuator and you should set the hands so that they are all pointing exactly to the 12:00 position. Place the watch in an open position near a window and away from metal objects and electrical equipment that could cause interference. The watch will automatically set itself to the correct UK time


In the very unlikely event that the hands become mis-set due to extreme shock such as the watch being dropped onto a hard surface or similar, it is possible for the watch to be re-calibrated by following the procedure for re-setting the zero-point as detailed above.

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