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Make sure you read these instructions before operating this delicate watch. We have fine-tuned this radio-synchronised watch for the best reception performance. The signal transmitted from the UK 60 kHz.MSF transmitter at Anthorn, Cumbria can be affected under certain situations. We suggest you note the following points:

1. It is strongly recommend you start this watch at night time and let the watch receive the radio signal automatically as the MSF radio signal is stronger during hours of darkness.

2. Always place the watch away from interfering sources such as TV set, computers, electrical appliances etc;

3. Avoid placing the unit on or next to a metal plate;

4. Enclosed area such as airports, basements, tower blocks, or factories are not recommended due to the radio-screening effect caused by metal buildings or steel reinforced concrete

5. Do not start reception while traveling in a moving vehicle, or during thunderstorms

6. Do not keep the watch stored inside a metal box or filing cabinet


1. Radio-synchronised Watch with LCD display shows: Hour, Minutes, Seconds, Day of the week, Date, Year

2. Electro-Luminescent backlight

3. Alarm function

4. Chronograph

5. 12 / 24 Hour format

6. Calendar range from 1 - 1 - 2000 to 31 - 12 - 2049

7. Day of the week is self-setting.

Normal time display

Alarm time display

Stopwatch display


Getting Started

1. Press "Light" button for 2 seconds to activate the Radio Controlled function after purchase.(best done at night)

2. The Radio Controlled Signal  appears on the display immediately. The watch will automatically begin scanning for a suitable radio signal from the UK transmitter


After activating the RC function, the watch will search the time signal every day automatically.

To switch off   the RC function: Press Button  for 8 seconds. Please note that this would only be necessary when leaving the UK for many weeks and would help conserve the watch battery.

Function keys

Button: Turns the back light on. The light switches itself off automatically after 3 seconds

Button is also used to start, or switch off the radio reception function.

Button: Switch between Normal Time Mode , Alarm mode and Stopwatch mode.

Button: Toggle between Normal Time Mode and Calendar mode.

Button: In Alarm time mode, this button also toggles the alarm on/off

Button: In clock mode, selects the various display fields that may be altered. Press it for 2 seconds to enter into setting mode, each subsequent press will advance through the various fields, hours, min, sec etc.

Note: To display time code, press button   , and  simultaneously.

Signal Strength Indicator

The signal indicator displays signal strength in 3 levels. Wave segment flashing means time signals are being received. The signal quality could be classified into three types:

If the watch receives a synchronizing signal successfully, the signal strength symbol remains on the display

How to set the Alarm

1. In the Normal Time Display mode, press button  to enter into the Alarm Time Mode.

2. Press button  for 2 seconds until HOUR digit is flashing.

3. Press button to increase the HOUR value.

4. Press button again, the MINUTE digit flashing.

5. Press button to increase the MINUTE value.

6. Once you have entered the alarm editing mode, the alarm will be on automatically.

7. In the alarm time mode, press button to toggle alarm on or off.

How to use the Stopwatch

In the Normal Time Display mode, press button  to enter into the Stopwatch mode.

Standard Measurement:

Press buttons in the following order:   >  >

Accumulated Elapsed Time:

Press buttons in the following order:  > >  >  >

Split Time Measurement:

Press buttons in the following order:  >  >  >  >

Measurement between Two Competitors:

Press buttons in the following order:   >  >  >  >

About the Daylight Saving Time (DST)

The watch has been programmed to automatically switch when daylight saving time is in effect. Your watch will show "DST" automatically during the summer. For the UK the symbol DST   is commonly known as "British Summer Time"

How to set the Time / Calendar Manually (Note this not usually required when within the UK)

1. In the Normal Time Display mode, press button  and hold it for 3 seconds, the HOUR digit starts flashing

2. Press button  to adjust the HOUR value.

3. Press button  again, the MINUTE digit starts flashing.

4. Press button  to adjust the MINUTE value.

5. Repeat the same step for SECOND, YEAR, MONTH, DATE,12H/24H by using button  and button

6. Finally press button  to exit.


1. When the second digits are selected, press button  to reset to 00.

2. Once the year, month and date are set, the day of the week is set automatically.

About the Back Light

In any mode, press button  to illuminate the display. With each press of button , the backlight will last for 3 seconds.

Battery Replacement

1. When the display becomes weak, please replace with a new battery at once.

2. Unscrew the back cover, replace a lithium battery (TYPE: CR1620).

3. Be aware of the battery polarity when replacing the battery.


1. Type: Digital Watch

2. Time code: UK MSF 60kHz.

3. Recommended operating temperature: 0°C to + 50°C (32°F ~ 122°F)

4. Power source: 1 x lithium battery (3V CR 1620)

5. Battery life: 12 months approximately (in case of activating the alarm once a day of 60 seconds plus illuminating the display 3 times a day)

6. Electro - Luminescent backlight: 3 seconds delayed

7. Water resistance: 3 Atmospheres

Care of Your Watch

1. The correct functioning of this watch may be affected when the ambient temperature is outside the range of 0°C to 50°C.

2. If the watch is left for an extended period of time at temperatures outside the normal range 5°C - 35°C (32°F ~ 122°F), fluid may leak from the battery resulting in a considerable shortening of useful battery life.

3. Do not leave a flat battery in the watch and be sure to replace it with a new one. If battery fluid leaks out, it may damage movement components.

4. Avoid rough use. Avoid dropping the watch.

5. To clean the watch, use a dry soft cloth or a soft cloth moistened in a solution of water and a mild neutral detergent. The strap can be scrubbed with a nailbrush. Never use solvents (such as benzene, spray cleanser).

6. Do not use the buttons underwater or when the watch is wet as moisture may penetrate the watch and damage it.

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