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Q. My watch does not show the correct time – what do I do?

Try placing the watch in a south facing window overnight. In most cases the watch will re-set to the correct time without further action.

Q. This does not solve the problem what next.

Press the winder button briefly the second hand moves quickly:

If the second hand moves to the “12” position the watch should also be reading the correct minutes and seconds ( you can adjust the local hour by gently pulling out the button by 1 click and rotating it which causes the hour hand to “jump” one hour at a time )

If the second hand stops at the “6” position” then the watch failed to get a radio signal recently and it should be placed in a south facing window overnight.

If the second hand stops at any position other than above then replace the watch cell (instructions follow) or return the watch for cell replacement.

Cell replacement

Gently prise off case back using a blunt knife under the small lip provided.

A small screwdriver is required to remove the single screw holding the battery-clip. (care is needed to avoid losing this screw)

Replace cell with CR1620 3V cell observing correct polarity (cell branding outermost) and replace the battery clip retaining screw (not too tight)

Gently clean the case back around the “O” ring with a clean toothbrush to avoid introducing any debris into the watch movement.
Snap the caseback into place ensuring that it has seated all round and follow instructions for re-setting.


Press winder button for 3 seconds and release, the watch should start running in fast mode.

Stop the fast running with another press on the button when both second hand and minute hand point to “12” ( this is a bit tricky at first but is quite simple really. If you stop too early the second hand can be jogged forward by repeated brief presses on the button. If you miss and go past the “12” then you will have to fast forward to the next hour)

Please ignore the hour hand position as this can be set correctly at the end of the re-set procedure.

Once you have aligned the minute and second hands to the “12” position then leave the watch in a south facing window preferably overnight. The watch should re-set itself to the correct minute and second and coincide with the time signal.

Please note the watch can NOT be re-set if it cannot receive a radio signal. This problem may be caused by local electrical interference, thunderstorm activity, or in basements or underground structures that can weaken the radio signal..

If the watch fails to re-set it is usually because the radio signal is weakened by local conditions. Try repeating the re-setting procedure during hours of darkness and somewhere close to a south-facing window.

Final re-setting of Hour Hand

If, once the minute and second hand have been re-set, the hour hand reads incorrectly then GENTLY pull out the crown wheel button one click with a fingernail and rotate between finger and thumb. This causes the hour hand to “jog” in one hour increments. Do this until the watch read the correct local hour and then press the crown wheel back into place.

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